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Round metal 80mm CR Tin
  • Round metal 80mm CR TinRound metal 80mm CR Tin
  • Round metal 80mm CR TinRound metal 80mm CR Tin
  • Round metal 80mm CR TinRound metal 80mm CR Tin
  • Round metal 80mm CR TinRound metal 80mm CR Tin
  • Round metal 80mm CR TinRound metal 80mm CR Tin

Round metal 80mm CR Tin

SC Packaging is a China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces Round metal 80mm CR Tin with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. The 80mm Round CR Tin is a type of packaging container that is designed to keep children from accessing the contents inside. These round tins have a child-resistant closure that ensures the contents within the tin are out of reach of children while providing easy access for adults. Our all-Metal version provides the same footprint in a cost-effective and more easily recyclable option.

Introduction of Round metal 80mm CR Tin

The 80mm child-resistant (CR) round tin is a packaging solution designed with specific safety features to prevent young children from easily accessing the contents. Here is an introduction to the key features and benefits of this type of tin:

Size and Shape:

The tin has a diameter of 80mm with 30mm height , making it a mid-sized packaging option.

The round shape provides a sleek and often visually appealing appearance.

Child-Resistant Closure:

The most significant feature of this tin is its child-resistant closure mechanism. This ensures that young children cannot easily open the tin, while still being convenient for adults to use.

Common child-resistant closure designs include press and-turn or squeeze-and-turn mechanisms that require multiple steps or a specific level of force to operate.


The tin is typically made from high-quality food grade Tin plate, These materials are durable, rust-resistant, and provide good barrier properties to protect the contents.

Printing and Labeling:

The tin can be printed with custom designs, logos, and text to identify the product and brand.

Labels can also be applied for additional information, such as ingredients, usage instructions, or promotional messages.

Ease of Use:

While the closure mechanism is designed to be child-resistant, it should still be easy for adults to open and close without too much effort.


Manufacturers often offer customization options for 80mm CR round tins, allowing for different sizes, colors, finishes, and printing options to meet specific brand or product requirements. Custom Print +PMS color, Spot UV, Matte ,Emboss to ensure you’re getting the specialized  look you want to showcase your brand image.

Foam liner/pressure sensitive seal options to chose to maintain products airtight and freshness.


These tins are commonly used for packaging a variety of products, including cannabis flower , edibles , gummies and other items that require child-resistant packaging.

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