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Round Metal 70mm CR Tin
  • Round Metal 70mm CR TinRound Metal 70mm CR Tin
  • Round Metal 70mm CR TinRound Metal 70mm CR Tin
  • Round Metal 70mm CR TinRound Metal 70mm CR Tin
  • Round Metal 70mm CR TinRound Metal 70mm CR Tin
  • Round Metal 70mm CR TinRound Metal 70mm CR Tin

Round Metal 70mm CR Tin

Round Metal 70mm CR Tin is made by Food grade tin materials with a press and turn locking mechanism for access and storage of edibles, gummies and flower. This versatile container is crafted to provide optimal protection and preservation for your products, ensuring they remain fresh, potent, and enjoyable for your customers.

Introduction of Round Metal 70mm CR Tin

The 70mm Round Tin is a type of packaging container that is designed to keep children from accessing the contents inside. These tins come in a round shape and have a child-resistant closure, ensuring that the contents are protected against children while providing easy access for adults.

These tins are perfect for a wide range of products, including cannabis flower, gummies and edibles and other products that need to be kept out of reach of children. The 70mm size provides ample space for storing the contents, while the round shape makes them easy to transport and handle.

Overall, the 70mm Round Tin is an excellent packaging solution for businesses looking to package their products safely and securely while ensuring that they remain inaccessible to children. The durable construction of these tins ensures that they provide a long-lasting solution for businesses.

Features of Round metal 70mm CR Tin

Diameter and Size: The tin has a diameter of 70mm with 30mm height, which determines its overall size and capacity.

Child-Resistant Design: The most important feature is the child-resistant (CR) closure mechanism. This is designed to make it difficult for young children to open the tin but still easy for adults to use. Common CR designs include press-and-turn closures, squeeze-and-turn closures, and other complex mechanisms.

Round Shape: The tin is round, which gives it a sleek and often appealing aesthetic. The round shape also allows for easy stacking and storage.

Material: The tin is typically made from high -quality first grade tinplate .These materials are durable, rust-resistant, and provide good barrier properties and ensuring long-term protect the contents. Additionally, the metal provides and excellent barrier against external elements, safe guarding the freshness and quality of the contents.

Printing and Labeling: The tin can be printed with various designs, logos, and text to identify the product and brand. Labels can also be applied for additional information or promotional purposes.

Ease of Use: While the closure mechanism is designed to be child-resistant, it should still be easy for adults to open and close without too much effort.

Customizability: Manufacturers often offer customization options for child-resistant round tins, allowing for different sizes, colors, finishes, and printing options to meet specific brand or product requirements.

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