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Identification of cannabis

There are several methods to distinguish genuine and fake marijuana:

Appearance: The appearance characteristics of marijuana are cylindrical stems, leaves with notches, and generally composed of many small leaves, with a dark green color. Artificial fake grass is generally flat or made of cloth.

Smell: Marijuana has a unique odor, with a paroxysmal sharp aroma, while artificial fake grass does not have this odor.

Feeling and observing effects: Some effects produced by using pure marijuana, such as long-term hallucinations, are difficult to achieve by counterfeit products. The use of artificial counterfeit products may feel ineffective and difficult to immerse people in for a long time.

Using modern technology detection: Modern technology detection methods, such as semi quantitative cannabis rapid detection technology, can detect the content of THC and CBD components in cannabis, which can help determine the authenticity of cannabis.

In short, to distinguish between genuine and fake marijuana, some methods rely on rough appearance and odor judgment, while some more precise methods require professional equipment and technology. Using genuine quality marijuana not only ensures a positive user experience, but also makes it safer and more reliable.

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