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Introduction to Marijuana

Cannabis, also known as the "plant" of hemp grass, hemp leaves, ghostly fire, and electronic cigarettes, is a rapidly growing herbaceous plant used in the production of industrial fibers, paper, food, and medicine. Its main component (cannabinoids) is a phenolic substance, mainly THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), where tetrahydro - represents four epoxycarbonyl groups. The main mental component of cannabis can cause hallucinations and a sense of relaxation. In addition, CBD (hydroxycannabidiol) and other similar substances can help alleviate some symptoms, but do not produce hallucinatory effects. There are many types of marijuana, and the common way is to smoke it on a bowl or by rolling cigarette paper into a joint. In some countries, the use of marijuana is prohibited, while in others it is legal and used for various purposes such as healthcare, entertainment, or religion.

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